Nation Branding

In an increasingly interdependent world, the ability of nation states to strengthen their national economies is in many ways dependent on their ability to attract international investment and tourism, and develop international trade, which is dependent on the image of those countries across the world and on the strength of their diplomatic relations. It is therefore of fundamental importance to nation states that serious reflection is given to how their image is created, and how it can be shaped.

The process of globalization, combined with the digital revolution, has had a profound impact on the ways nation states communicate with each other and on the means through which this communication takes place. A 24 hour news cycle, citizen journalism, and the increasing role of global NGOs has insured that the activity of countries is under considerable scrutiny with regards to domestic and foreign policy, security, economic strength, as well as their culture and society.

The use Cultural diplomacy policies are critical in ensuring a nation state has a positive image and a strong political and economic relations. The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy has therefore established the program „Nation Branding in a Globalized World„ to explore the concept of nation branding and their growing influence on nation states and the fields of international relations & economics.

Program Aims

The Nation Branding in a Globalized World program aims to explore and raise awareness of the concept and the practices of nation branding in order to enable Nation States to apply positive and successful practices in their nation branding policies and by doing so contributing to a more prosperous global economy.

Program Activity

The ICD program „Nation Branding in a Globalized World„ will organize a diverse range of activity linked to its aim, as outlined above. The program will provide a framework within which the national brands of individual countries can be explored and analyzed. Such initiatives will provide valuable case studies for research into nation branding.

In addition the program will conduct research and analysis into nation branding and related topics for online publication, and will organize regular conferences, lectures, seminars, and panel discussions featuring experts from academia, politics, diplomacy, and civil society. All activity will be undertaken with the additional goal of bringing together as diverse a group of stakeholders as possible, and allowing them to expand their personal networks.