The Berlin Economic Forum Project


The Berlin Economic Forum Project 2014-19 ( ) was a 5 year global project organized by the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy in partnership with global governance organizations, national governments, leading academic institutions and multinational corporations. The project is built on the experience that the Academy has gained with the previous project: the Berlin International Economics Project 2010-14

The Berlin Economic Forum Project 2014-20 aimed to promote a global dialogue and understanding of the field of international economics and its relations with related disciplines such as politics & diplomacy, business & trade humanities, the arts and beyond. In particular, the project raised awareness and focus on issues such as sustainable development, environmental responsibility, economic inequalities, fair-trade, corporate social responsibility, and socially responsible investments.

The project included different components including annual meetings, international conferences & events, education and exchange programs, youth programs, and extensive research and publications in the field. The international conferences and events took place in over 100 different major cities around the world and on 5 continents. In addition, educational and graduate programs were established to enable further leading academic degrees in the field.

The project has the vision to create, through its networks & participants, a significant number of innovative follow-up initiatives and programs in order to further the dialogue and to create a sustainable impact over the next 10 years.