The ICD Fund

What is The ICD Fund?

The ICD Fund is a global venture fund that uses innovative entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of poverty through cultural diplomacy and related strategies. Its aim is to help build financially sustainable organizations and companies that deliver affordable goods and services that improve the lives of the poor.

The ICD Fund is headquartered in the USA with regional and local partners from around the world. It tries to foster regional entrepreneurship by locals in poor regions of the world, thus, promoting tools for the creation of sustainable economy and self-help.It was founded in 2013 to provide modest amounts of capital, together with business expertise, to help build thriving enterprises that would serve large numbers of poor people.

The ICD Fund will focus on financing projects that will generate both return on investments and promote social progress while combatting poverty. This will enable investors to receive a return on their investments, as with any investment, however in addition they will be helping society by investing in these socially responsibility and socially constructive investments.  Through this methodology the ICD fund is able to assist in development of countries, regions and cities, through a strategy of sustainable trade as opposed to dependency on aid.

Mission of the organization

  • Identifying extraordinary social enterprises with innovative approaches to assisting the poor in the areas of education, culture, health, water, housing, energy, and agriculture
  • Supporting these enterprises in order to become financially sustainable with equity and debt financing and intensive support
  • To provide poverty relief in the form of self-help and to foster dignity and independence instead of dependence on charity
  • Creating methods for measuring the social and financial returns of these investments
  • To support ICD Young Leaders Alumni to successfully run their respective programs
  • Building a global community of professionals (staff and Fellows), donors, institutional partners and social entrepreneurs capable of deploying financial, human and intellectual capital to solve problems of poverty